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BeOS was an operating system developed by former Be, Inc. Once targeted as 'Media OS', it is heavily buzzword compliant (pervasive multithreading, 64-bit journalling filesystem with arbitrary file attributes, SMP, integrated cokebottle opener, etc etc), and it also offers a wonderful integration of a GUI into a Posix environment.

Even though Be's focus shifted to a version of BeOS specially adapted for Internet Appliances, called 'BeIA', followed by Palm buying Be's IP, BeOS for desktops is far from being dead - at least in the eyes of its users. The site BeBits provides extensive listings of BeOS software available for download. The Haiku (former OpenBeOS) project aims at creating an open-source replica of BeOS R5 and then take it from there. yellowTab apparently has secured some rights to BeOS and is working on its own R6 successor named Zeta. Other websites worth checking out are BeGroovy, IsComputerOn, Haiku News (former BeOSJournal), and BeFAQs - these sites also provide numerous further links.

I no longer actively work on BeOS - a fact reinforced by the loss of a working BeOS installation - but nonetheless: here are the BeOS programs I had my hands in.

NameLast Update

alloca()  a portable implementation of this UNIX function  27. Mar 1999
BYacc 1.9  a parser generator  25. Oct 1998
cdrecord 1.9  CD mastering and creation  30. July 2000
MkDepend 1.7  a dependency generator  14. Oct 2001
LDMud 3.2.9  the LDMud gamedriver (stable)  02. Feb 2003
PRCS 1.2.15  the Project Revision Control System  13. Aug 2000
slrn2mail  Sending mail from slrn with Mail-It  09. May 2001

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