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Be PRCS 1.2.15 for BeOS

Version: 1.2.15
Ported by: Lars Düning
Screenshot: (none)
Release Date: 13. Aug 2000

Requires BeOS version: R5
License: Free Software (GPL)
Cost: -
Source Available: Yes

Source Download (http) (805KB) from Bearnip (US).
Binary Download (http) (1.1MB) from Bearnip (US).
MD5Sum - Source: 0a2220478305ec363f2cda25e05ab5a3
MD5Sum - Binaries: 60cf9f4b7b4bb9b9fc183443915247d6


PRCS, the Project Revision Control System, is similar in function to SCCS, RCS, and CVS, but (according to its authors, at least), it is much simpler than any of those systems.

This release is a straight port, the functionality does not cover BFS file attributes.

The source archive contains all the sources and is preconfigured for compilation with the compiler native to the BeOS platform used. The binary archive contains binaries for both PowerPC and x86, and the documentation in various formats.

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