MascotLars' Webspace

The fabric of the web stretches in every direction, its streaks of iridescent colors forming a mindboggling pattern. Scattered over the web are islands of light, mostly occupied by structures in every imaginable form. This island here and now however doesn't offer that many things to look at or go to. Yet.

You can see: (a messageboard, a Be box, space, a playground)

An information board. On it you see:
A BeBox, containing a couple of programs for the Be Operating System:
        alloca, byacc, cdrecord, MkDepend, LDMud, PRCS, slrn2mail.
 A small playground for projects in progress, occupied by:
ASR is a play-by-email roleplaying game I participate in. Also hosted here are the pages for Armstrong Lunar Base, the ASR training facility.

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